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In this case? About $6,300.00 and a life changing result for many. A few months ago, a watch/management customer decided to up-size after retirement in anticipation of a herd of grandchildren. It wasn’t long before we found the spot, negotiated a fantastic price and moved them in. Next the son. The oldest of four with a wife and three kids of their own had been lying in wait to see where they would start scouting a second home predicated entirely on being in close proximity to the grandparents. After kicking a few tires within a mile or two, a property popped up late in the day on a Saturday; a property one door down and across the street. Having secured a showing for the following morning before calling anyone else, I was made aware that an offer was in hand with a noon deadline the following day. With the father in tow, we previewed the property, conveyed our endorsement to the son who was off Cape and put an offer in within minutes of noon triggering an anticipated and now three way best and final offer scenario. Having reset the hour glass for a 5 p.m. deadline, it was determined that “we” were capped out at $630k on this property with a list price of $639k. In addition to a few gratuitous concessions, I stipulated conceding a percentage point from my commission should the added cash value win the day and win the day it did, by a mere $1,300.00. Our low bid of $630k beat $632k and $635k. It was at that point I confirmed, rather than realized, that I love winning far more than money. I leave something of substance on the table with every transaction and its always different but what will never change is my paying it forward; a sentiment, if not policy, born from my loyalty and devotion to my management base. Rather than throw money at branding rights for an international conglomerate on behalf of an out-of-state corporation to prop up credibility, I have free and unlimited use of the one I built from one customer up. Rather than pay to stake claim to official sponsorship of another big corporation, I prefer to sponsor my buyers and sellers and if I slept any better, I’d be clinically deceased. Hands down my favorite closing to date and while they now become watch/management customers, I will endeavor to supplant it with a new favorite win.