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With seemingly more than half the local population licensed to sell real estate, its little  wonder that the comparatively smaller inventory drives many to niche markets which then begs the question as to whether or not a saltwater specialist can effectively sell a home on a lake or one in the woods for that matter? Can a luxury specialist properly represent a home with Formica countertops? And what is luxury? If you worked for years in order to acquire your piece of the Cape and threw every penny at a $450k list price, is that any less of a luxury to you than a $4.5 million home to another? I’ve often contemplated which way I’d lean if I ever decided to pigeonhole myself and it would either be wood frame specialist, having spent over two decades in commercial/residential construction in a supervisory capacity or perhaps a buyer/seller specialist based on a similar duration serving second home owners in a watch/management capacity. Speaking to the latter, the watch/management wing of Nauset Management has always catered to not only a kaleidoscope of personalities but an equally diverse selection of structures and locations. The unwavering variable is that each one is a castle not only through the lens of each owner but yours truly. Some of my more adventurous off season watch tales have unfolded at a two-bedroom cape on a sandy lane while the 4k square foot fortress on the water was seemingly never made aware of that particular storm. I’ve worked both sides of multi-million-dollar real estate sales but it was that one sale for $425k that seemed as if we were trying to bundle the MGM and Bellagio from overseas. My angle? My niche? I’d like to think that my demographic is always in perpetual motion aimed squarely at the individual and their circumstances. The great appeal to me, in a real estate transaction or a watch/management program, is the uniqueness that each want or need brings to the conversation. I will never tire from listening to how people finally found themselves in a position to buy or how their watch/management schedule is phasing out with an impending retirement on the horizon. So long as every story remains as different and impactful as the next, I’ll have no angle.