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After 20 years of service, a customer or two are bound to retire to the Cape full time! In fact, this trend speaks to about a half dozen or so Nauset Management customers from one year to the next. What has been fascinating to watch is how part-timers and the salt crusted natives’ bond once the seasonal owner claims wash-ashore status. As Nauset Management customers will attest, I do not mark-up sub contract labor but rather leverage a deep and diverse network of area trades and vendors as a simple byproduct of the watch/management program. Over the years a growing number of customers have become year rounders and while I’m always available to each and every one in any capacity, I’ve noticed an uptick in solicitations on behalf of local retirees that simply don’t have a family member in the area to lean on. Not unlike Nauset Management starting out as a simple favor, 2014 marked the year where I took on what I refer to as my first wellness customer. Contacted by a local friend or far away family member, I have extended my services as needed for those in the area without a local support resource. There is no formal structure and to be sure no fee as I simply work in this area in a will call capacity. If you have a friend or family member in the area who may benefit from a local resource to fall back on for any property related issue, please feel free to touch base at your convenience.