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Stocking Stuffer

As many may be aware, April 25, 2018 marked the fourth-rate change for watch service since Nauset Management was created in 1998. The ability to both lead in service as well as extend reasonable pricing is predicated not only on a restricted service area and a cap on customer volume but a constant co-equal service. Nauset Management was born from a rather diverse if not storied residential and commercial construction career and the marriage of building and management kept costs in check for each scope. As many are also aware, in house building duties were phased out some time ago and to fill that void, I had dipped a reluctant toe into the murky waters of real estate. It seems like just yesterday when I was bombarded with used car salesman shots having made the announcement.
As the years rolled on, Nauset Management became its own real estate brokerage and in the coming days, the first full year of independent brokerage services will be in the books. During this year, Nauset Management managed to cobble together $9,327,900 in sales on behalf of both buyers and sellers and $3,240,900 stronger than the previous season as a kept man.
In 2019, I spent over $35,000.00 on my transactions be it the standard policy of picking up the tab for cleanings, marketing and all the innocuous inspections between listing and closing but also as needed issues such as switching out smoke detectors or leaving a percentage point on the table so that my buyer could squeak out a win during a three way bid war. In one case, I talked an indecisive owner out of selling. Whatever the case, I most certainly invest in those who invest in me and have always slept better for it.
Contrasted with construction, real estate has proven to be vastly more compatible with watch/management services from a logistics and efficiency perspective and after two decades, it all finally clicks.
Blessed with spectacular customers, otherwise you’d have your keys back by now, and the trust and faith you’ve put in me, I would like to extend the albeit very small gesture of commuting the current rate lock from 2023 to September 1, 2024. Certainly not a box of marshmallow Santas but nevertheless, a heartfelt thank you for the continued opportunity to be of service.
With a few rounds of single digit days under our belt and an equal number of near misses in this otherwise transitional month of December, I have a feeling we may be chatting a bit more this off-season; until then, from my family to yours, have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, make it a Boxing Day for the ages or if you prefer, enjoy the rest of the year. Regardless of what tickles your fancy, do it well and a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to you and yours.