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A week ago today’s winds would prompt most to look under houses for curly shoes but after the weekend I’m not sure they’d motivate the most hardened stunt kite enthusiast to get off the couch.


Currently, Chatham and Eastham lead the Cape in terms of outages and not unlike Orleans, to a lesser degree, each have actually gone up throughout the day indicative of the before mentioned cause and effect that comes with isolated repairs impacting otherwise unrelated properties.


Throughout the day every effort has been made to either email or text each individual owner upon confirmation of the restoration of power and while a handful are awaiting a second look, yet to realize restoration and for a scant half dozen that remain inaccessible, what I’ve seen since Saturday, in conjunction with continued favorable temperatures, has thus far left me with all the calm of a Calgon commercial.


The remaining few yet to be verified will be checked routinely as the typical schedule is already in motion. For those who simply can’t get enough, it would appear as though a second round is currently taking shape and looking to make an appearance on Wednesday.


Stay tuned…