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Just yesterday as I was grinding through my consolidated day of home watch duties hemmed into a plume of bicycles wrapped in a cocoon of vibrantly color and strained textiles, I began to long for the off season as I often do this time of year. Keeping a curious eye on the weather developing off the coast of Louisiana, I was reminded of a few customers who were all but hoping for a little more drama this coming season so that we might knock some dust off the old weather update machine. Currently, it is raining animal rescue leagues. We are on the backend of a relatively fast-moving mass that looks to have delivered approximately 1 ½” of marginally welcomed rain unless of course you’re under roof with a herd of youngsters and no wi-fi. As isolated pockets continue to move off shore, I will leave it here unless of course we break off from the bridges. I wanted to send out a quick note as proof of life as the various doomsday warnings have been coming in all morning.