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2.6% of Eastham remains without power while Orleans still hovers around 42.5%, down 4% from an hour ago. Anyone checking in on Eversource and/or receiving updates may rest assured that conditions did not deteriorate in spite of…


“Changing conditions are causing additional damage to our electric system. Our crews are responding to outage locations and updated outage restoration information will be provided as soon as more information is available.”


Conditions, in terms of weather, quickly turned back to a sense of normal and currently, a pleasant breeze is making the rounds. During my appointed rounds, I had the opportunity to suggest a few terminology tweaks going forward as the inference seems to indicate that changing conditions were weather related.


A rare Dennis Port real estate transaction found me in the Mid Cape around 11 a.m. and it has since come to my attention that I just slipped out of town before what was later described to me as carnage second only to Harwich and Chatham. As mentioned, we’re looking good save for the balance of power which is slowly coming back online and my assumption is that the lion’s share of resources was poured into the Mid Cape area; in fact, I heard a report where town officials in Harwich had requested that the entire town be pulled off the grid until they untangled the mess.


Every winter we touch upon the thin margins brought to us by ocean affect snow and I for one long for good old fashioned Nor Easters and mid 20’s. I have a few last minute requests to run through tomorrow and should I encounter anything left of center, I will reach out directly.